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Granilux offers a suite of unique services and programs known as GX – The Granilux Experience.

We execute our Project Management Strategy (GX-P3 model) to ensure we get it right the first time.

Our results-driven project management strategy ensures your project gets delivered on time and within budget. We guarantee success for any size project whether large or small.

Granilux Solutions: Redefining Security Integration Through Custom Security System Design & Installation
  • Strategy: Every project is approached and prepared for as though deploying to a remote location
  • Process: Requirements validation, design and project plan development are conducted via peer review
  • Preparation: 100% pre-deployment configuration, programming and bench testing are performed on all systems
  • Quality: Skills-based assignments ensure the best opportunity for project success
GX Remote

The GX team is fully staffed at our Gaithersburg Headquarters facility where we provide remote programming and diagnostic services. Granilux remote can quickly diagnose and solve your security systems performance issues and perform necessary maintenance.

GX Prevent

The GX prevent program delivers system health monitoring and diagnostic reporting. GX prevent is a pro-active approach designed to eliminate potential system failures and predict failures before they occur.


Today’s technology enables real-time awareness and monitoring of your most vital assets. Granilux provides solutions and services that range from: Internet of Things (IoT), intrusion alarm monitoring, cloud-access control management, video analytics, system push-notifications, email notifications, video surveillance monitoring, and more.

The GX Technology Lab

Located adjacent to our headquarters, we have constructed a state-of-the-art Center of Excellence (CoE) where we pre-configure and bench test every system we deploy.

We also have a dedicated service team for performing remote health checks, scheduled maintenance, and troubleshooting of our client’s systems located around the world. We routinely execute a proof of concept for our solutions, develop custom products, and layout a design-build for the client’s systems at our CoE.

Granilux Solutions: Redefining Security Integration Through Custom Security System Design & Installation

When we needed to upgrade our surveillance system, Granilux gave us a clear migration path that fit our budget. This made it easy because they collaborated with our in-house technicians to develop a flexible effective solution without completely overhauling our existing infrastructure. These guys are true experts.

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To become synonymous in the industry with innovation, performance, and professionalism.

Our goal is to consistently have a positive impact on the lives of our clients, associates, and employees both personally and professionally. That is why Granilux fosters a work environment of growth, creativity, and collaboration.