System Design & Installation

Granilux provides expert design, acquisition and maintenance of security systems and infrastructure.

We stay abreast of industry best practices, technology advancements and threat analysis to ensure we are prepared to meet the threats of tomorrow.

A well-designed surveillance network delivers better performance from end to end.

Granilux is known for designing and delivering discrete, tailored and proactive solutions that cover the full spectrum of threats. Our security experts guarantee we meet today’s needs and anticipate future issues. In addition, we use AutoCAD and Revit to ensure precision in engineering and system design. Granilux is constantly improving and upgrading our systems through the application of best practices and threat analysis to ensure we meet the threats of tomorrow.

Granilux Solutions: Redefining Security Integration Through Custom Security System Design & Installation

Granilux has a proven track record of installing advanced security systems to meet the most complex situations.

  • Our team of experts customizes proactive security solutions that you can trust from design through installation and operation.
  • Our installation teams consist of full time, factory certified technicians who meet rigorous background checks and standards.
  • Granilux maintains strategic partnerships with manufacturers of the most advanced video surveillance cameras on the market. We are proud of these partnerships and our reputation as their trusted technical experts.
Granilux Solutions: Redefining Security Integration Through Custom Security System Design & Installation

Video Surveillance

We specialize in video surveillance.

Our cameras are built with the intelligence to help you clearly know what you are seeing, and they deliver high quality imagery and reliability. Granilux clients realize increased profitability through the use of powerful business intelligence software that integrates seamlessly into operations to become the virtual eyes of the business.

Video Analytics

See more than ever before.

Through the use of advanced analytic tools, our technology enables quicker identification of the critical information our client’s need for investigations. Self-learning video analytics reduces false positives, quickly identifies critical information and ultimately improve incident response time.

Cloud Video Surveillance

Security and remote surveillance for businesses of any size.

Realized increased security coverage and reduces costs through the use of an open, Hybrid-Cloud platform. Leveraging the power and flexibility of a cloud managed solution with the performance and reliability of localized recording saves time and provides a more secure surveillance solution.

Access Control

Agile access control.

Access Control authenticates and authorizes individuals’ access to designated facilities and resources. It also enables the ability to instantly change security permissions. With Access Control, you determine who can go where and when, notifies you of who is in the building and their location. It is a useful tool for organizations with compliance requirements.

Intrusion Detection

Always be the first to know.

Granilux wants you to be the first to know when there is potentially dangerous activity. We partner with industry leading manufacturers who offer award-winning technology to provide the most reliable and advanced intrusion systems available. These systems allow for prompt detection and response to unauthorized entry to facilities.

Intercoms and Duress Stations

Communicate in real-time.

Intercoms and Emergency Call Stations let you communicate quickly with employees and visitors to better protect them and reduce liability. We have gained the reputation as a supplier of the most flexible, reliable, and advanced communication systems. We partner with one of the few companies in the industry that can deliver a fully integrated Communication Platform: including Intercom, Public Address, and 2-way Radio Systems.

Shooter Detection

Empower building occupants and mitigate active shooter risks.

Protect yourself with active shooter detection and alerting systems that help you react and respond faster and more effectively to incidents of terrorism. We partner with industry-leading security technologies to integrate gunshot detection systems into the fabric of your security systems.


Granilux is a UL 2050 certified trusted provider of Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities.

We design and build to rigorous standards, accredited areas where your most sensitive compartmented information may be stored, used, discussed or electronically processed. Our team of highly trained experts is a trusted source used by US Government agencies and others to provide mobile and static SCIF’s in very unique and complex environments.

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