See gunshot analytics
in action! Hosted by
Granilux and Ava.

Responding to an active shooter requires immediate action that wasn’t available through existing technology. Until now.
Speed is critical. A slow incident response time can be devastating. The longer it takes for security personnel to gather, understand, and analyze the details of an incident, the greater the threat becomes.

This is why Ava Cameras include a microphone that perceives the camera’s sound environment. The built-in audio analytics detects several types of specific sound events – for example, breaking glass, gun shots, panic alarms, and other audio anomolies.

Join us for a demonstration of our powerful gunshot analytic in action. Then join us for an afternoon of fun!

December 2, 2021
3:00pm – 7:00pm EST
10705 Red Run Blvd,
Owings Mills, MD 21117

Join the team from Granilux – Kolbe Greer, Jeremiah Main, Ryan Greer, alongside Eric Gutierrez, Scott Truesdale, and John Horton from Ava Security for this afternoon of learning and fun including complimentary appetizers and beverages.

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Ahead of your arrival:
Your sponsors will set up cameras and a monitor at the firing range. In real-time, we will demonstrate the gunshot analytic performing within the Ava Aware platform so you can witness how quickly that specific sound event alerts an operator. After that short demonstration, you will be able to fire away in a shooting range simulator, followed by complimentary appetizers and beverages.

We will also demonstrate:

How Ava’s appearance, event and image search functions quickly narrow down and track people or objects of interest
How security operators are able to search by event and similarity to comb through countless hours of video within seconds

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