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We offers a unique set of branded services known as the GX Experience. Our GX Support Services include Project management, Remote Support, Monitoring, Prevention and Systems Support. We have a dedicated team to support, manage and monitor all of the systems that we deploy. In addition to our support services we have developed a unique Project Management Strategy.


Granilux Solutions: Redefining Security Integration Through Custom Security System Design & Installation

Our results-driven project management strategy ensures your project gets delivered on time and on budget. We approach every engagement the same way—no matter the size or scope. This allows us to perform in a streamlined and consistent matter satisfying the needs, tasks, and milestones throughout the project life-cycle.

  • Strategy: Every project is approached and prepared for as though deploying to a remote location
  • Process: Requirements validation, design and project plan development are conducted via peer review
  • Preparation: 100% pre-deployment configuration, programming and bench testing are performed on all systems
  • Quality: Skills-based assignments ensure the best opportunity for project success

GX Remote


The GX team is fully staffed at our Gaithersburg HQ specifically to provide remote programming and diagnostic services. From simple user changes, to system health audits, or comprehensive Tier II Remote Services- Granilux Solutions can quickly diagnose or even solve all your security systems performance issues and perform necessary maintenance.

GX Prevent


Protect the investment that best protects your business.System Health Monitoring and Diagnostic Reporting are imperative routines for any critical business or security system. The GX prevent program is designed as a pro-active approach to virtually eliminate any potential system failures and in some cases, predict failures before they occur.


Service-Level Agreement (SLA) and Extended Warranty Program. GX System Support will consult with each client to develop a custom SLA program for every new GX Installation or Client Service request. Your service program will be tailored to provide the services each client needs and provide guaranteed response time, fixed pricing schedules, and clearly defined scope of services. Available 24/7/365, we will mobilize the appropriate resources on-site, or remotely through the cloud, to ensure your security and surveillance systems are 100% operational to mitigate your business’ vulnerabilities due to any potential down-time.



Through modern advances in technology, almost any security and surveillance system can be actively monitored to provide real-time awareness of activities concerning the people and assets of a business or property. Granilux can provide solutions and services that range from: Intrusion Alarm Monitoring, Cloud-Access Control Management, Video Analytics, System Push-Notifications, Email Notifications, Video Surveillance Monitoring, and more. These services today are quickly moving from requiring human intervention to the Internet of Things (IoT). Let the GX Monitor Team prescribe the right solution for you!

Granilux Solutions: Redefining Security Integration Through Custom Security System Design & Installation

About Granilux Solutions

Granilux Solutions provides sophisticated security solutions to federal, state and municipal government; mid-sized and enterprise commercial markets and executive & VIP residential clients world-wide. Security solutions from Granilux offer more than just asset protection. With Granilux, you get the tools and knowledge you need to get the peace of mind you deserve. Discover how our approach can help maximize your ROI.